Some quick information about The Philippines:

1. 299,000 sq. km.
2. Population of approximately 84 million.
3. Capital City: Manila (10 million).
4. GDP $310 billion.
5. GDP per capita of US$3,700.
6. Time Zone: GMT/UTC +8
7. Country Dialing Code: 63

Getting to the Philippines is easier than ever. With round trip air provided by the world's best and most secure airlines, there is always a flight available to accommodate your schedule. PAPT offers special rates at the Diamond Hotel and Hyatt Hotel.

Once you are there, you will enjoy the moderate climate that the Philippines has to offer. Between November and March the temperature is around 78°F / 25°C and a constant comfortable humidity of 77%.

Although taxi transportation has traditionally been given a "black-eye," we have arranged for private transport for our players to and from the Tour venue. Taxis provide regulated, and flagged metered rates.

Language is not a major issue in the Philippines as most all major hotels offer translation and bi-lingual employees and concierge services. The two official languages are Filipino and English. In addition, most hotels in the Philippines offer dual voltage capability to accommodate 220 volts a/c as the common standard is 110 volts a/c.

The Philippines' monetary unit is the peso. Foreign currency exchange is available for most currencies at hotels, most large department stores, banks, and authorized money changing shops accredited by the Central Bank of the Philippines. International credit cards such as Visa, Diners Club, Master Card, and American Express are accepted.

Extend Your Stay
Come to the Philippines for the Tour, but stay in the Philippines to enjoy its weather, beaches and hospitality. Let us help you extend your PAPT enjoyment with some rest and relaxation in the Philippines. Other structured and safe attractions include Shopping, volcano trekking and hiking, dining at one of many five-star restaurants offering local favorites and scuba diving with one of the professionally run and certified dive centers. Let us help extend your stay for you and your family to enjoy the ocean and seaside experiences or golf outings.