Some quick information about New Zealand (North and South Islands):

1. Area: 268,680 sq. km of land and water.
2. Population of approximately 4.1 million.
3. Capital City: Wellington.
4. GDP $94.6 Billion.
5. GDP per capita of US$25,200.
6. Time Zone: GMT/UTC +12.
7. Country Dialing Code: 64

New Zealand represents a combination of glacial mountains, fast-flowing rivers, deep, clear lakes and active geysers. Within its boarders, you will find native forests, isolated and quiet beaches and rivers and a variety of native fauna.
Getting to NZ is affordable and reliable. NZ is served by Air New Zealand (including inter-island service) and neighboring country and US carriers. With round trip air provided by the world best and most secure airlines, and while somewhat limited, there is usually a flight available to accommodate your schedule.

All forms of transportation, including taxi and rail, are safe, regulated and secure. PAPT strives to provide secure transportation to and from venues wherever possible. PAPT arranges for private transport for our players to and from the Tour venue.

Literacy is a high in NZ as it is largely a bi-lingual country. English is primarily spoken with Maori being considered an official and also primary language. Most major city hotels offer translation and multi-lingual employees and concierge services. Popular city destinations host various name brand five-star hotel available to serve you and to provide you the highest level of service.

New Zealand's monetary unit is the New Zealand Dollar (NZ$). New Zealand is a relatively safe place to carry reasonable amounts of cash and currency is easy to exchange. Foreign currency exchange is available for most currencies at hotels, banks, and authorized money changing shops. International credit cards such as Visa, Diners Club, Master Card, and American Express are accepted.

The weather is generally comfortable in New Zealand. The warmer months (November to April) are busiest, especially from December 20 to the end of January. Ski resort towns are obviously busier during the winter months.
Temperatures are a few degrees cooler in the South Island, and both islands receive snow in winter. Winter falls in the months of June through August and summer from December through February.

Christchurch is the main international gateway to the South Island. As the South Island's largest city, Christchurch is a perfect starting point for the casinos, mountains, ocean beaches, rivers, lakes and wide-open spaces less than an hour from the city.

NZ cultural events include: Summer City Program (January to February in Wellington--series of festivals around the city); Wine Marlborough Festival (2nd weekend in February in Blenheim); New Zealand Festival (February, even-numbered years in Wellington-celebration of national and international culture); Golden Shears Sheep-Shearing Contest (March in Masterton--for sheep lovers); and Canterbury Show Week (November in Christchurch). In addition to these festivals, NZ is known for its unbelievable bird watching, wildlife parks and beaches.

Special Australian purchases include excellent local wines; wool, clothing, leather and sheepskin products; opal and other precious or semi-precious stones; tribal objects and modern art sculpture and paintings.

Come to New Zealand for the Tour, but stay to enjoy its natural beauty, festivals, water and waves and hospitality. Let us help you extend your PAPT enjoyment with some rest and relaxation in New Zealand. Let us help extend your stay for you and your family.