Some quick information about Korea (South):

1. Area: 98,480 sq. km of land and water.
2. Population of approximately 48.9 million.
3. Capital City: Seoul.
4. GDP $801 Billion.
5. GDP per capita of US$20,400.
6. Time Zone: GMT/UTC +9
7. Country Dialing Code: 82

The Republic of Korea. is sandwiched between two super powers, China in the west and Japan in the east. With a republican government at the helm of affairs, the 48 million strong populations have the luxury to practice any religion they choose.

Getting to Korea is easy. It is served by its national carriers and other neighboring airlines. With round trip air provided by the world best and most secure airlines, there is always a flight available to accommodate your schedule.

All forms of transportation, including taxi, rail and metro, are safe, regulated and secure. PAPT strives to provide secure transportation to and from venues wherever possible. PAPT arranges for private transport for our players to and from the Tour venue.

Literacy is a high in Korea. The unique phonetic alphabet following scientific syllable system offer greater freedom of expression. Classified as Ural, the Altaic language, is completely different from Chinese and Japanese. However, language is not a barrier to effective communication as Korean hotels offer translation and multi-lingual employees and concierge services. You will find every name brand five-star hotel available to serve you and to provide you the highest level of service.

Korea's monetary unit is the Won. Foreign currency exchange is available for most currencies at hotels, most large department stores, banks, and authorized money changing shops. International credit cards such as Visa, Diners Club, Master Card, and American Express are accepted.

Korea enjoys a temperate climate, with rainfall heavier in summer than winter. The country enjoys four distinct seasons but because of its location in the higher latitudes it experiences a winter that is long, cold and dry, while summer is short, hot and humid.

Rice is the staple food in Korea. Vegetables are cooked in many different ways utilizing local spices and tradition. Beef and seafood is available in abundance. Kimchi means a lot to the people of South Korea and no meal is complete without it.

A discussion about Korea is not complete without Taekwondo. This internationally recognized form of self-defense helps in building the body and the mind and is considered the nations national pastime.

Korea may be considered the Country of Festivals. It celebrates Chunhyang festival (Korean equivalent of Romeo and Juliet is enacted); Wang-in cultural festival ( memory of the great Korean scholar Dr. Wang-in who helped normalize relations with Japan); Jindo yeongdeung festival (ritual is dedicated to the old woman called Grandmother Bbong featuring musical performances and prayers); Cheongdo bull fighting festival (a competition against brute force where one bull charges against another of its kind); Cherry blossom festival (Marching bands from across the nation and world fill the streets with color and music. The objective of the festival is to gather donations for charity so that disadvantaged young people can have the opportunities in life); The lotus lantern festival (celebrating the birth of Buddha.The lotus is the symbol of Buddha's birth); Chu-suk (the festival of .bountiful abundance. It celebrates fulfillment and happiness. After the harvest season is over, Koreans gather in the month of September to celebrate the bountifulness of Mother Earth).

You can shop for items in Korea that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Don't be afraid to bargain for ginseng, lacquer ware, silk, bamboo ware, mask, ceramics, topaz and calligraphy paraphernalia. You will also find antique furniture, paintings and other local handicrafts. You will also enjoy experiencing the traditional architectural temples and shrines and engineering marvels of Korea in any of its major cities.

Other popular Korean activities are: skiing at the world-class resorts known as the Alps Ski Resort, in addition to mountain hiking and mountain biking. Korean's are active and passionate about their hiking.

Come to Korea for the Tour, but stay to enjoy its history, wares, climate, and hospitality. Let us help you extend your PAPT enjoyment with some rest and relaxation in Korea. Let us help extend your stay for you and your family.