Some quick information about Australia:

1. Area: 7,868,850 sq. km of land and water.
2. Population of approximately 20.3 million.
3. Capital City: Canberra.
4. GDP $613 Billion.
5. GDP per capita of US$31,900.
6. Time Zone: GMT/UTC +10 (Eastern Standard Time)
GMT/UTC +9.5 (Central Time)
GMT/UTC +8 (Western Time)
7. Country Dialing Code: 61

The Commonwealth of Australia is a vast land mass collectively equal to the United States. This summary concentrates on Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria States.

Getting to Australia is easy. Sydney is served by Australia's national carriers and other Asian and US carriers. With round trip air provided by the world best and most secure airlines, there is always a flight available to accommodate your schedule.

All forms of transportation, including taxi, rail and metro, are safe, regulated and secure. PAPT strives to provide secure transportation to and from venues wherever possible. PAPT arranges for private transport for our players to and from the Tour venue.

Literacy is a high in Australia. English is primarily spoken with Chinese being a distant second language spoken by just over 2%. Most major city hotels offer translation and multi-lingual employees and concierge services. Popular city destinations host various name brand five-star hotel available to serve you and to provide you the highest level of service.

Australia's monetary unit is the Australian Dollar. Foreign currency exchange is available for most currencies at hotels, banks, and authorized money changing shops. International credit cards such as Visa, Diners Club, Master Card, and American Express are accepted.

Australia's western coast enjoys a temperate climate. The type of climate generally varies from arid to semi arid. In the south and east, it is temperate whereas in the north, it is tropical. Regular, tropical sea breeze, known as the Doctor occurs along the west coast in the summer.

Brisbane is the major city located in Queensland. This is the third largest city of Australia. The attractions range from casual cafes, exclusive shops and late night bars to the subtropical forest, wildlife parks and beaches.

Sydney is the tourist destination of New South Wales. Sydney hosted the 2000 summer Olympics and the rugby world cup of 2003. One-quarter of the Australian population resides in this city and is regarded as the cultural and financial center of Australia. Sydney is known for its cuisine, wonderful scenery and amazing architecture.

Melbourne is the populous of Victoria and is situated on the banks of the Yarra River. It is known for its Victorian architecture and parks. Melbourne has an active nightlife, great shopping, theatre and world-class restaurants. No matter where you visit, Australia has become known world-wide for its award winning wines and vineyards.

Australia is famous for its Great Barrier Reef. The GBR extends for about 2000 km. and is one of the world's most abundant coral reefs. The blue water, abundant sea life and colorful coral add to its attraction. The GBR and surrounding area supports a "Surfer's Paradise," sailing, snorkeling, diving and riding semi-submersible crafts and glass-bottomed boats.

In addition to the GBR, Australia is known for its national parks and natural rock outcroppings in the "Outback". Alice Springs is centrally located in the continent, but in the midst of isolation, serves as the introduction to the glorious Outback of Australia. Ayer's Rock is one of the largest monolith creations of the world. At the time of sunset, when it reflects the burnt-orange glow of the sun, the desert appears to be on fire. The Outback of Australia appears to go on forever amidst the national park and untamed wild. If you decide to drive the Outback on your own, be especially careful for "Large Animal Crossing".

Special Australian purchases include excellent local wines; wool, clothing, leather and sheepskin products; opal and other precious or semi-precious stones; tribal objects and modern art sculpture and paintings.

Come to Australia for the Tour, but stay to enjoy its water and waves, GBR, climate, natural beauty and hospitality. Let us help you extend your PAPT enjoyment with some rest and relaxation in Australia. Let us help extend your stay for you and your family.